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Buying or selling a new home overseas,  or making a payment to an individual, or simply transferring funds to an overseas bank. Currencies Direct can assist with saving you money.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange Currencies Direct

Save Money on buying a property

Exchange rates fluctuate and this can make a huge difference when purchasing a new property overseas.  With as much as a 3% saving, which in turn would either pay for your move or fund a new purchase overseas, it really is worth looking to how Currencies Direct can help you.

Save Money on transferring funds overseas

Wishing to set up a regular payment from the UK then Currencies Direct can help to achieve the best possible exchange rates.  Pensions, Savings, or a regular saving plan can be set up here in the UK, and you are safe in the knowledge of knowing your funds will be transferred each month to reflect the best transfer rate possible by a team of experts.

Peace Of Mind

When moving overseas it can be a very stressful time so contacting Currencies Direct can really help and provide you with one less thing to worry about.

Registration is completely free and without obligation but at least you know you are set up and ready to start transferring should the need arise

How Currencies Direct Works

Trained professionals who have the expertise to assist in transferring money and who ensure you get the best transfer rate possible can really make a difference.   You will be assigned your own dedicated consultant, who not only will assist with your transfer, but who will keep an eye on the exchange rate to ensure you transfer at the best possible time and rate.

Bank exchange rates fluctuate but with Currencies Direct you could book a forward contract which offers stability in rate exchanges

No transfer fees are charged for transfers over £5,000 which makes Currencies Direct very appealing and this presents a huge benefit to using a non-banking exchange service.

Top Tips and benefits

  • No transfer Fee

  • No commission

  • No limit on transfers

  • Automatic transfers to your chosen account/s

  • No fixed transfers and you can alter the payment dates or amounts to be transferred.

  •  Currencies Direct Advice Centre Help Station



Should you need any further help or advice, please get in touch in the first instance  or by phone on 01482 330780. Karen can put you in touch with the team at Currencies Direct and request that a personal advisor calls you to assist with your requirements.

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