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Are you planning on moving to America? A country with both old and new traditions, shipments to anywhere in this vast country can be arranged by Appleyards.

Moving to America

Moving To America

New York on the East Coast to Los Angeles on the West Coast, both large and small shipments can be organised by our expert team here in the UK

Importing Effects into America

Duty free entry of Household furniture and effects can be obtained so long as you have used and owned the goods for a minimum of one year.  This period does not have to be immediately prior to shipment.

You must have arrived into the states prior to the arrival of your shipment and must be available to assist with custom clearance.  Note customs will not clear your goods ahead of your arrival.  If your shipment arrives before you then you could be met with additional charges for container detentions.

Restricted and Prohibited Items for America 

Appleyards strongly advise against the shipment of alcohol and some states in the US will not allow entry and customs will confiscate your bottles.

If you still wish to take your alcohol, then please note you will need to provide a list of each bottle stating what year and where this was purchased.  Customs will still take each bottle away and examine.  If they choose to detain a bottle this will hold up the entire container and will result in additional charges all which have to be met by the importer (you) at destination.

Firearms are restricted and controlled and you will probably need an import permit to ship. 

Please do not include the following in your shipment: Any article made from or manufactured from:  Elephant, rhinoceros, Zebras, antelope, deer, reptiles or coral, weapons of any kind, objectionable material.

Transit Times for America  

Groupage or shared load consignments usually take 8 to 11 weeks to destinations via the East Coast, and 11 to 14 weeks if going via the West Coast, door to door.

Sole use containers usually take 2 weeks to the East Coast and 4 weeks to the West Coast port to port.
Please note the above are estimated times only and timings are dependent on such factors as bad weather, port congestion and volumes to be shipped

Customs Clearance in America 

Custom clearance must take place within 5 working days of the arrival of your goods into US. Failure to complete this will result in the goods being loaded into a bonded warehouse and charged at $200 per month. Clearance is dependent on physical inspection, volume of traffic and the x-raying of the goods. 

Please note normal custom clearance charges are included in your original quotation but any additional custom charges or duties if applied, will be payable before delivery or hand-out of the goods.  Our overseas agent will pay these on your behalf then seek reimbursement from yourselves prior to delivery/hand-out.

Destination Services in Los Angeles or Philadelphia

Groupage (shared load shipments)   once the goods have been custom cleared, our agent will arrange a date for delivery to suit both you and the remover overseas.  Any service provided here in the UK will be reversed in the states, therefore if you have selected a packing service at origin, it is wise to have the same at destination (professionally packed and wrapped goods will be unpacked and unwrapped) failure to allow this may impact on your Insurance.

If you have selected custom clearance and hand-out you will be contacted to collect the items from the nearest agent’s warehouse.

Dedicated container shipments can be arranged through all the major port both on the East and West Coast and once custom cleared will be delivered to your new residence overseas.

Top Tip When Moving To America

To ship unaccompanied effects from the UK you must hold the relevant visa/residency card, and a copy of this must be provided along with a copy of your passport here in the UK

Appleyards American Moving Help Station

Should you require further assistance on moving to America or prefer to meet in person then you are welcome to visit us for an informal chat over a coffee when we can go over any paperwork and answer any questions you may have. To arrange this or to get help with any other queries call Karen on 01482 330780 or email

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