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If you're thinking of moving to Canada, let us help.  Moving to Canada can be made easy with Appleyards wealth of experience and network of agents overseas. 

Moving to Canada

Moving to Canada Shipping To Canada
Moving to Canada International Shipping To Toronto
Moving to Canada International Shipping To Montreal
Moving to Canada International Shipping To Vancouver
Moving to Canada International Shipping To British Columbia
Moving to Canada International Shipping To Calgary

Shipments of dedicated containers to just one box can be made simple.

Importing Household Effects into Canada

To allow your consignment into Canada you must have owned and used your goods for a minimum period of 12 months prior to shipment. Former Canadian residents must have been out of the country for a minimum period of 12 months and have used the items for six months.  To gain Duty free entry into Canada it is always best to check with Appleyards prior to export to ensure you meet the correct criteria before shipping your goods. 

Restricted Items for Canada

As most overseas countries, Canada has strict controls over what you can and cannot ship.  Certain goods such as food products (dried or canned) must be declared but must exclude, fish, meat or diary.  These must not be shipped and are prohibited
Tortoise or sea shell Jewellery, Ivory of any kind to again include Jewellery must also be declared and a permit applied prior to shipment. 
Firearms are strictly controlled and a permit must be applied for at origin and before shipment can take place.  Any Firearm must be declared prior to shipment and failure to do so could result in prosecution and the goods taken off you.
A permit is requested prior to the shipment of pine cones, dried flowers, skins or fur therefore we would recommend you choose not to ship these items

Transit Times For Canada

Full Container shipment - Shipments to Canada can take on average 4 to 6 weeks from the exit port to the arrival port and a weekly service is available to all the major ports.Groupage (shared loads) - Shipment to Canada usually take 6 to 8 weeks from residence here in the UK to arrival residence overseas. 

Customs Clearance In Canada

When your goods arrive in Canada and once off the ship, they will be custom cleared by our local agent.  Custom clearance can take anything from 10 to 14 days.  Your goods will be subject to X-ray and probable physical inspection.  Normal custom clearance charges are included in your relocation cost but any additional charges such as import duty or taxes will not be included and payable via the agent in Canada.  Our agent will seek reimbursement from you before delivery of the goods can take place.

Destination Services in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton & Montreal

If you have selected to have delivery to your residence, this can take place once the goods have gone through customs. Our selected agent can deliver your goods and unwrap and unpack as per your origin shipment and place in your requested rooms.  If you have chosen to have your breakable items packed here in the UK then we would definitely recommend you have the agent unpack these at destination too to avoid any implications in regard to insurance. 
You may have chosen to have the goods custom cleared and hand-out only from the agents warehouse and in this instance once the goods have cleared customs our agent will call you to arrange collection from his depot

Top Tip When Moving to Canada

Check out the transit times if you are moving in the Winter as they can be affected when the St Lawrence River freezes over !

Appleyards Canadian Moving Help Station

If you would prefer, you can phone Karen on 01482 330780 and arrange to pop into us to have an informal chat over a coffee.  Alternatively please feel free to email with any queries you may have.

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