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Moving beds used to be really easy to move and if they are a straight forward single or a double bed that comprises just two bases secured together, this is still the case today.

How To Move Beds

How To Move Beds
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However, these types of beds are not the norm any more and most now require much more attention.

What You Need To Know When Moving Beds

In order to remove beds they will need to be dismantled to a flat pack form in the majority of cases. Allen keys are usually needed in order to dismantle most modern bedframes. It is worth putting all the small pieces for each bed into a something like a sandwich bag and noting which bed they belong to and then place the bag into an “oddsbox” for safe keeping so that you can go straight to the relevant parts when you come to reassemble each bed.

For more complicated sleigh beds or children’s cabin beds it is worth doing a quick sketch of the bed before you dismantle it and put this in the bag with the screws so again this will be a guide to you when you reassemble. To make life even easier you could also attach and number small pieces of masking tape to the bed sections to indicate left, right, top or bottom etc.

You are always best to get your mattress protected. See our relevant page on this subject about packing a mattress

Appleyards would be happy to quote to dismantle and reassemble your beds if you are moving home or decorating a room.

Top Tips When Moving Beds

If your bed has drawers these should always be emptied prior to moving the bed and if you put tape around the base and over the drawer this will prevent it from coming out and getting damaged.

Protecting Beds Advice Centre Help Station

If you have not found the information that you were looking for within "How to move beds", or seek more assistance that is relevant but is not covered above, then please contact with your query

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