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These are a few hints and tips to make your removal run more smoothly by being prepared and knowing what your responsibilities are.

Your Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities Moving House Within Hull


Divide the items which are to be removed by Appleyard's from the items that are to be left at the property or disposed of.


Car keys and spares, garage (including garage remote control for door), house, shed and any other keys and  spares to be kept in a safe place so they are not packed. 


Unless we are providing a packing service we expect you to have completed this before the arrival of our crew, please mark the boxes with the room at the delivery address, and also please ensure you have screwed on the caps of the bottles and jars to prevent leakage. You can leave light contents inside drawers and chests unless the item is not suitable e.g. bed drawers and unstable chests. We will be bringing wardrobe cartons for your hanging garments on removal day. In the event that you have not completed the packing by removal day it is essential that you telephone the office so that the crew have the extra boxes etc. on the van before they leave. They will complete the packing at an extra charge.


We would only expect to unpack boxes we have packed. We can only unpack on to a flat surface as otherwise you wouldn’t know where we have placed the items. In practice most people prefer to unpack at their leisure.


Have a section in one corner, perhaps near the kettle or microwave, where you can keep basic items you will need e.g. knives, forks, spoons, mugs, dishes, plates, pans, toaster, cleaning materials, until the removal day then pack everything else. Obviously we will pack them if you have opted for the packing service, but it would still be helpful to us if they have been separated.


Keep your overnight, essential items and bags in the bathroom or car so that they are not loaded by mistake.
Collect in one area the items that are to remain.

Removal Of Loft Items

From a health & safety angle we cannot access a loft (or area under the eaves) which does not have a fixed ladder, floorboards and a light. It is advised that you sort out what you don’t need, dispose of it, and bring down the remaining items for removal and place them into a bedroom or the garage. We can supply cartons to assist you with this.


Electrical items - Please disconnect from the electrical supply ready for packing:-
e.g. Computers, printers, monitors, T.V.’s, Hi-Fi’s, DVD’s, VCR, cookers, wall and ceiling lights.
Plumbing – Please disconnect any items plumbed in:-
e.g. washers, dishwashers, large fridges, gas cookers
Our crews are not insured to disconnect these items and we recommend that you organise a plumber/electrician to disconnect/re-connect them. For storage we recommend that you clean them thoroughly to prevent mould forming and spray the insides (including rubber seals) with an antibacterial spray.

Fridges & Freezers

We advise against moving freezers full. It is recommended that freezers and fridges are defrosted a day before the move to let the refrigerant gas settle. If the food has not been used up by the removal day, put it in plastic bags so that our crew can lift out the bags, carry the freezer into the van and replace the bags.

Dismantling & Taking Down

We would expect you to have dismantled the beds, cots, wardrobes (if needed), sheds, trampoline, swings, slides and taken down curtains, pelmets, wall shelves, bathroom cabinets etc., from the wall unless previously arranged with us, as certain items are not suitable for dismantling due to being stapled/nailed/unstable. We can take up carpets and underlay but we cannot lay them. If you have the opportunity to take down all mirrors and pictures.

Prohibited Items To Consider When Moving Home

The following items cannot be moved in our vehicle – gas bottles and air tanks (unless empty), petrol in cans or machines including mowers, chainsaws, motorbikes, quads, etc. unless the petrol (but not oil has been emptied out), diesel, thinners, matches, firearms, fireworks, explosives, ammunition, oil based paints, corrosives or other hazardous or inflammable items.

Children & Pets

It would be safer if young children and pets were not present as this is a very stressful time and accidents could happen. If you are moving a dog/cat yourselves it is advisable to keep it in a safe place during loading so that it does not escape when the crew arrive.

Valuable Items

Please ensure all precious items are in a safe place and not packed and loaded by mistake.

Parking Space For The Removal Vehicle

This is to be organised by you at both addresses with neighbours or traffic wardens. Our van will take up the space of four cars.

Access at Delivery

We assume this is reasonable, that is – not more than 20 yards carry (approximately 4 car lengths away). If access to the property is difficult for the van to park outside we may need to organise a shuttle van at extra cost. If there may be any issues at either the collection or delivery address which may affect our service it is your responsibility to bring this to our attention.

Waiting Time

We expect to get access to your new home on arrival. This does not always happen due to late bank transfers, solicitors and sellers not having completely moved out (especially when they are moving themselves with a hire van or a non B.A.R. mover). Waiting time will be charged at £60.00 plus VAT per hour for each hour or part after arrival and before gaining access. You can avoid this by paying the optional “waiting time waiver” charge on your quotations before the commencement of the removal.

Disposal of Unwanted Items

Our crews are not allowed to remove these items.


We will invoice you prior to the removal and it is company policy to have clear funds 7 days before the commencement of the removal by bank transfer, debit card, credit cards (attract a surcharge currently at 3%), or cheques (which we need 14 days before the removal start).

Cancellation or Postponement

Once you have booked your moving dates we have committed our van and crew to you and no one-else can take your booking. If you cancel or postpone the booking, say through solicitors giving you wrong information, we will charge you depending on the notice given, as follows:-

- 5 working days before start of removal 60% of removal charge.
- Less than 24 hours before the start of the removal 90% of the removal charge.
Your can avoid this cost if you pay our optional “cancellation waiver fee” (on your quotation) not less than 7 days before the commencement of the removal.

Final Check

You must check that everything has been packed or moved from fixed drawers, cupboards, rooms, lofts, cellars, sheds, garage etc. as any items left behind are your responsibility and may incur extra charges.

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