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The Appleyards guide of how to protect sofas. Sofas are rarely made these days as they used to be and transporting them during your house move has moved on too.

How To Protect Sofas

How to Protect Sofas Dedicated Sofa Storage
How To Protect Sofas

Traditional hand crafted hardwood timber framed sofas have been replaced in the main by mass produced sofas that present very different issues when they are being removed.

What To Use To Protect Sofas

A quilted sofa cover is the ideal protective cover that should be used when removing sofas from room to room or from one home to another. With a tough outer cover these specialist covers will help cushion any impact if the sofa gets caught on any doors, ceilings or hallways. They will also assist in preventing any leather from getting cut or any fabric from being torn.

If it is possible to easily separate a sofa then do this before moving it. Consider the route it will need to go along to remove it from the property. Remove anything that could easily be knocked off and damaged. Watch out for light fittings and ensure there is nothing sharp around any of the door frames. A blanket over an entrance door frame and step may also help. 

Always tale the easiest route. Look to see if using patio doors is an option. Check the width of any side paths if you are bringing the sofa around the back of the property. Should the sofa need to be raised to allow it to go over a neighbouring fence then more manpower is likely to be needed.

Watch out for any sofas with motorised parts or iron framed sofa beds as these can be very heavy. To prevent sofa beds from springing open in transit, use a strap around the sofa.

Sofas will often need to be placed on their ends to get them through doorways.

Protecting Sofas In Storage

If you are looking to store sofas for a short period then a polythene sofa bag can be purchased for £4.00 from Appleyards and they will take anything from a two seat sofa up to a standard four seater. If however you anticipate the sofa being in storage for a longer period then you may be better off using an export sofa bag. These thick paper bags with a strong outer cover cost £6.00 each, but they will give more long lasting protection. 

Top Tips When Protecting Sofas

If possible always remove any feet as the extra few inches you gain will assist in you in getting a sofa through a doorway and will reduce the risk of damage. Sometimes it may also be prudent to remove the door as well if the sofa is large.

Protecting Sofas Help Station

If you have not found the information that you were looking for within "How to protect sofas", or seek more assistance that is relevant but is not covered above, then please contact with your query

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