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When moving house it is important to protect mattresses from the beds before they are removed from your home to prevent them from getting dirty, wet or damaged.

How To Protect Mattresses

How To Protect A Mattress

What To Use To Protect Mattresses

Removing a mattress from a single bed is fairly simple and a single bed mattress bag can easily be fitted and once secured this can normally be removed by one person.

However, as average bed sizes increase, so to does the size of the mattress’s that come with them. A mattress from a king size bed tends to have a mind of its own when being carried so it is important to use two people to lift it and to fit a mattress cover before you do. Equally memory foam mattress’s can be very heavy so the same principle should be applied.

For a UK removal a plastic mattress bag can be used, but for an overseas move a paper bag is preferable as this is more hard wearing and offers more protection. Either can be purchased from Appleyards of Hull’s packing materials shop.

Top Tips When Packing Mattresses

Ensure that once the bag is pulled on that you use some tape at the exposed end to seal it in place. If you do not do this the mattress will quickly become exposed.

Protecting Mattresses Advice Centre Help Station

If you have not found the information that you were looking for within "How to protect mattress’s", or seek assistance that is relevant but is not covered above, then please contact with your query

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