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Brazil, Argentina, Peru? We're experts at moving to South America.

Moving To South America

Moving To South America
Moving to South America Moving To Peru
Moving to South America Moving To Argentina
Moving to South America Moving To Brasil
Moving to South America Moving To Chile

South America is the southern continent of America. It is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean and on the north and east by the Atlantic Ocean. The fourth largest continent and divided politically into 12 independent countries, South America enjoys a tropical climate but this can vary from region to region.

Moving To Brazil

Dedicated containers or smaller (LCL) shipments can be organised, with our agents in Brazil to assist with custom clearance and re-delivery to residence.

Shipments of used household furniture and effects can be imported within 180 days of your arrival.  All new migrants must have the required Visa and CPF (Cadastro De Pessoas Fisicas – Brazilian Social Security Number). All new items can be imported duty free for the same period as your visa is valid.

Transit times based on dedicated containers can take on average 6 – 7 weeks with smaller consignments taking longer on average 7 – 9 weeks. 

Moving To Argentina

Returning citizens can import household used furniture and effects duty free into Argentina provided you have not spent more than 60 days in Argentina in the year before entry.  All shipments need a work permit/Visa.  Non-Citizens can import household goods duty free providing your passport has no exceptions with clear proof of your entry and exits. 

Further information can be provided upon request.

We can offer a door to door service on both dedicated containers and smaller over cased shipments.  All shipments going into Buenos Aires will be subject to a full inspection and screening and as a result could take up to two weeks to clear.

Moving To Chile

Returning citizens normally pay an importation franchise of US$500 and 1% CIF tax on effects.  If you are retiring to Chile then your import may be duty free.  Non-citizens need a one year work permit/Visa.  You may import effects up to a value of US$500 at a 1% duty.  Shipments on a higher value are subject to duties.

Door to door shipments can be organised in your own dedicated containers which can take 8 – 9 weeks or by LCL (over crate) which can take longer and on average between 9 – 10 weeks.

We have agents in Valparaiso who will arrange custom clearance and delivery and ensure you are presented with the correct paperwork upon arrival and before your shipment arrives.

Moving To Peru

With agents in Lima we can arrange your door to door shipment for either dedicated containers or LCL (smaller shipment).  The custom documentation will be passed to you by our agents upon arrival into Peru and before your shipment arrives.  We will need a good copy of the photo page of your passport along with a copy of your visa (if applicable) prior to shipment.

Shipments into Peru can be imported within 120 days of your arrival and subject to a full physical assessment by customs.  Your shipment is subject to duty at 20%.  Foreign workers require a legalised copy of work permit stamped by the Ministry of Labour.

Restricted and Prohibited Items for South America

It is recommended you do not include the following within your shipment:

  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Inflammable goods and substances
  • Plants and plant material
  • Foodstuffs to include perishables
  • Alcohol, narcotics and dangerous goods
  • Objectionable and Indecent material
  • Jewellery, currency or valuable items

Appleyards can also arrange shipments to Columbia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia. Further details for these can be provided upon request.

Appleyards South American Help Station

Further information can be obtained by calling Karen on 01482 330780 or via email to

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