"Dear Karen, it would be very remiss of us if we did not let you, as a firm know of the great service we received from John and Wayne your employees whom you sent to remove our furniture to your storage

They arrived on our doorstep at the arranged time introducing themselves in a very pleasant manner , If I’d had had any reservations they would have been put to rest straight away. If these two men are representative of your company, You have a great company . They were firstly very courteous, extremely professional and most of all very friendly, keep us up to date with everything they were doing each step of the way, whilst making sure of the social distancing .

From the outset it was heads down, wrapping and packing , quickly getting on with the job in hand .
Must say we were most impressed by your lorry ,how it had containers inside, into which all our possessions were so expertly packed that one couldn’t put even a wafer between them ! Lastly the most amazing thing was to see them actually put seals on OUR containers then informing us that they would only be opened Again on their return to us !

This give us peace of mind.! A Great Big Thanks to you All"

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